Palm Oil – Composition and Properties

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2. Fatty Acid Composition of Palm Oil, Palm Oil Fractions and Palm Kernel Oil

Palm Oil The fatty acid chains present in the palm oil triglycerides could vary in the number of carbons present in the chain (chain length) and in structure (presence of double bonds, i.e., unsaturation). It is the variations in the structure and number of carbons in these fatty acid chains that largely define the chemical … Continue reading

1. Composition of Palm Oil

Palm oil is extracted from the mesocarp of the fruit of the palm Elaeis guineensis. The mesocarp comprises about 70 – 80% by weight of the fruit and about 45 -50% of this mesocarp is oil. The rest of the fruit comprises the shell, kernel, moisture and other non-fatty fibres. The extracted oil is known … Continue reading

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